Moon Pads Info

Cloth Pads Instructions


Put a clean pad into your underwear like you would an ordinary disposable pad!


Winged cloth pads work better on snug fitting undies (They don’t need to be tight, but if the fabric is too loose, the pad can shift around a bit).


You should find them as absorbent as a disposable pad (if not more so), but for hygiene, change them as often as you would a disposable pad (that is meant to be every 4 hours). Many people use one or two pads a day and a night one for night time. On heavy days you may feel more comfortable changing them more often.


When you change your pad, you can pop the used pad into a bucket of water to soak and put on a fresh pad but if possible rinse out your pad straight away (or leave it as it is) and put it in the washing basket to add to your next load of washing. 

If out in public highly recommend using our reusable bags to store them in until you get home.

When you are ready, wash and hang the pad out to dry. 


Cloth pads can be hand washed or machine washed. If they are soaked or rinsed out straight away (in cold water) they should be less likely to stain. If the pad is allowed to dry out before washing it is more likely to stain. You may also dry in the dryer on low and gentle cycle.