I'm Jessica also known as Jay the "J" in JLOVEKNITS. I am a latina crafter who began crafting as a kid, and as of 2013, I began posting my knitted projects on social media under the handle JLOVEKNITS. What began as a hobby, and a way to give gifts to friends and family during the holidays and celebrations, has turned into a full blown passion. 

My journey as a crochet/knit hobbyist ended when I became more consciously aware of my environmental impact. One day I was at work enjoying my daily iced coffee, as I looked at my cup I realized how everything about it was PLASTIC. From the cup, the lid, to the straw. I then thought about how it would end up at a landfill or worse our oceans and how long it would stay on this planet. Then came lunch time, and as I stared at my fruit in a plastic snack bag, I thought about how I, like many people use these plastic bags everyday. In that moment is where I began to think of alternatives that would be less harmful to our planet, and help alleviate our waste problem. That weekend I began to look up "reusable snack bags" and sure I am not the first to come up with this idea, but being a latina, I decided that I would make these bags to help bring awareness of our environmental impact, and make them accessible to my comunindad. 

My goal is to make eco-friendly alternatives to help you replace your everyday single use items. I also care deeply about social justice and environmental issues. Every season I pick a non-profit that helps fight social issues, marine, wildlife, and/or the environment and donate 5% of sales.

Each item is made with love, care, intention, purpose, and I make sure each project and product is consciously made, keeping our planet in mind.

xx, JAY